Downer and the Zero Harm Policy: Be green and be successful

Written by x-cellence

Could you be a world-leading company with huge profitability and at the same time be a beacon for sustainability and an international example of commitment towards the environment? Can you be green both in dollars and beliefs? The answer is yes.

Downer is one of the world leading companies providing engineering and infrastructure management services to the public and private transport, energy, infrastructure, communications and resources sectors, across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. But besides that, Downer is a company that has committed to a most surprising, incredible and admirable policy: The Zero Harm policy. 


The Zero Harm policy means sustaining a work environment that supports the health and safety of their employees and minimizes the impact that their business has on the environment. This is a remarkable business decision that proves how nowadays leading companies and organizations understand the importance of sustainability, and environmental protection. To guarantee the effectiveness of the Zero Harm policy, Downer has gone as far as to create a specialized board named the Zero Harm Committee, that supervises health and safety issues inside the company, and environmental threats outside. 

A Commitment with the Community

Under the Zero Harm policy, Downer promotes a series of operational guidelines that determine the scope of their projects, the effects these projects could have on the environment and especially on communities. Championing the causes of Multiple Sclerosis, by supporting Soft Cogs Special Bicycle Team, and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation – created to protect the omonimous natural wonder – Downer has become an integral part of the society of both New Zealand and Australia, preserving their future and protecting their natural and human resources.


Detailed information about Downer’s policies, procedures and performance in relation to health and safety for their personnel, as well as the environment protection policies upheld by the company, is publicly displayed through the Downer’s annual Sustainability Reports.

With 19,000 employees and 6.5 billion dollars in operating income, Downer is without a doubt one of the world’s leading organization and an excellence-driven company that has received two prestigious Business Initiative Directions International Quality Awards, the ISQL Award in Paris and the ERA Award in Geneva, consolidating its position as an international example of excellence and the relentless Pursuit of Quality.


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