There is a new kid in the already crowded tech-block, and his name is HyperLoop. What started as a mad-scientist project, has evolved thanks to “angel funds” and Kickstarter styled campaigns, into a full fledge company with a single goal: To create a new system for trans-continental transportation.  HyperLoop promise is to create a network of levitating tubes, yes like in the comics, that will connect America with Asia and allow a cylindrical vessel to be launch, at speeds closer to match 3, from Houston to Dubai in less than an hour.

Scientific mumbo jumbo aside, the truth is that HyperLoop is aiming at something physically possible: that is to zip people between continents at speeds faster than airplanes, inside pressurized titanium tubes. Ok… it sounds weird… but it is physically possible. The brain behind the project is an american engineer unlikely named Brogan BamBrogan, who at the same time took this idea from the entrepreneur and tech-guru Elon Musk. BamBrogan worked with Musk when the world famous tech titan proposed to create a new electric transportation network based on levitating vessels inside pressurized tubes. BamBrogan took the idea, developed and started to search for a financial support.

The brawn that is supporting BamBrogan development comes through venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar. A more than controversial figure that is already entangled in a series of lawsuit between him and a team of employees lead by BamBrogan. But, besides the legal battle currently ensuing, HyperLoop idea keeps going forward. Or at least that what the companies officially tells. If that is true, HyperLoop will be testing the first tubes at the end of 2017. And if they achieve levitation and proper speed, then the entire market will go ballistic for this new startup. Imagine a trip between continents in only an hour. It will be a dream came true.



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